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The Hunt (2015)

The Hunt (2015)

HD 8.4 60 min

The Hunt analyzes the dynamic relationship between predators and prey. The series focuses in detail on the strategies that predators use to catch prey, but also on the strategies that prey uses to survive, each episode following an essential habitat of the planet. From open pastures to dense forests, from the Arctic to the middle of the oceans, the documentary reveals the challenges that predators and prey face in these so different worlds. R nMany of the stories will feature rare behaviors such as polar bears that they use areas with melted ice on the surface to stalk seals, arctic foxes that jump to catch penguins, or killer whales that hunt humpback whale cubs in tropical waters. The Hunt features very rarely filmed animals so far, including the endangered South African sea otter or the blue whale, the largest hunter on our planet. The soundtrack is composed by the winning composer Steven Price Oscar in 2014 for the music in the movie Gravity.

Release: 2015-11-01
Director: n/a


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